Retail Design

Interactive Retail Design Services for an Improved Customer Engagement

Delivering a customer-centered experience is crucial to the success of a retail store environment. Experience MINT’s retail design services combine your unique brand needs and the latest technology to create the perfect space. A well-executed retail design creates an environment that makes a sensory connection with the customer and visually brings a brand to life. A stimulating environment that keeps a customer engaged while capturing valuable information is critical to the success of a retailer. When the two are connected, the magic happens.

Providing an intuitive customer experience drives return on investment and delivers real-time insights that drive improvement throughout every channel.

Design is not what your environment looks like. Design is what your environment does.

Retail Design Services

Our retail design services include more than just providing an attractive brick and mortar space. We employ a holistic approach that goes beyond smart retail store design to include features that generate real-time insights into your day-to-day operations.

Design an environment where customers love to shop

Harmonize online and off-line experience

Incorporate interactive experiences that encourage purchases and loyalty

Include retail analytics to measure and maximize sales

Retail Design Innovation & Complete Custom Renderings

Our retail designers create full custom renderings of every design to ensure your vision and goals are met. Our retail design services create the perfect space that combines your unique brand needs and the latest in retail technology.