Retail Data Analytics

Understanding in-store customer behavior is an absolute necessity and Experience MINT delivers solutions ranging from traffic counts and closing ratios to full path analytics that show exactly what occurs at your retail locations. Just like web analytics for e-commerce, retail analytics measure the exact behavior of customers and employees and can refine in-store marketing, merchandising, and operations to help drive profitability.

We go beyond just gathering data, we take it a step further and provide strategic direction based on the retail intelligence so you can immediately witness the benefits. We integrate data gathering tools and capture meaningful data critical to understanding how your environment is engaging customers and delivering ROI. Then we provide actionable insights on how to make incremental changes that have immediate and long-term benefits.

Retail Store Analytics Include:

  • Closing ratios
  • Merchandising effectiveness
  • Optimize staffing levels
  • Full-path analytics
  • Online activity in your stores
  • Merchandising conformance
  • Loss prevention
  • Smart mobile marketing

Let us help you reach your retail goals. Whether it is higher sales per hour, increased average ticket, more items per sale, a more consultative environment, or the perfect combination of all, retail intelligence delivers powerful insights that provide actionable solutions. Take control of your business and improve closing ratios, staffing levels, and more with retail analytics that will help you today and position you for continued success.

“My companies have worked with the MINT team on many important retail projects over the last 10+ years. There has never been a partner who takes more ownership in ensuring our projects are executed at the highest level. The MINT Team is the best in the business!

Jimmy R.
Retail Done Right