Experiential Displays

Consumers journey to retail today for a memorable experience, period.

Today’s Omni-channel customers will click, but still want to experience your products and services at your Brick & Mortar stores.

MINT strategically incorporates experiential solutions into your retail environment to provide a compelling and contagious reason for consumers to buy at your stores.


Successful experiential design creates an interactive environment that connects your brand to consumers senses.  Your stores and brand now offer something on-line can’t compete with, the ability to interact with the consumer through touch, sight, sound, smell and taste.  While not all of these will relate to your stores, every store has the ability to offer a tactile experience.  Interacting with digital devices IS the norm for today’s consumer and for many the preferred way of shopping.

MINT’s Ei platform makes it easy to incorporate digital experiences at retail for solutions like Endless Aisle, Social Media Integration, E-Commerce, Branding, & so much more.

Full Content Creation and Management

With our Ei platform, customers can create their own content through Ei Publisher.  Our CMS also allows our customers to control content remotely for all locations.  Whether you want to distribute identical content globally, or send specialized content to certain locations, the MINT Ei platform makes it easy!

Video Walls

Digital Signage


Social Sharing


Endless Aisle

Self Service Kiosks

Smart Fixtures

In this Google/ LG example, MINT was asked to provide two end cap options – one with integrated tablet design and one with pedestal design. After discovery conversations we provided a powerful regional retailer these options for endcap displays and the integrated version on the left was chosen. This allowed a for a seamless look store wide and the end result was continuity of the retailers “experiential” displays regardless of brand and product.

Here are examples of how these displays worked across two companies, Google and LG, and multiple products. The result was increased comfort in exploring what these brands had to offer because of the consistency in the how to explore each brands features and benefits.