Understanding exactly what is going on in your retail locations has gone from a luxury to a necessity.

The pressures of online, tighter margins and increased competition means every customer visit has to count!

Just like web analytics for e-commerce, retail analytics shows you the exact behavior of your customers and employees so you can refine your in-store marketing, merchandising and operations to help drive profitability.

immediately witness the benefits

MINT can deliver solutions ranging from traffic counts and closing ratios to full path analytics that shows exactly what occurs at your retail locations.
We then take it a step further and provide strategic direction based on the intelligence reporting so you can immediately witness the benefits.

Closing ratios
Optimize staffing levels
Full-path analytics
Understand online activity in your stores
Merchandising conformance
Loss prevention
Smart mobile marketing
Merchandising effectiveness


As you know, MINT is the gold standard in Retail Environment design and build. Our ability to set the stage and then enhance it with a digital experience (signage) is well documented. The question then is, what happens when a consumer comes in? Our ability to integrate data gathering tools, capture meaningful data and transform it into actionable insight is critical to understanding how your environment are delivering ROI and how to make incremental changes that deliver additional results

When customers come in, which way are they traveling?

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Once they chart their course, where do they go? What is the actual physical customer journey?

Where do they end up? Are they new customers? Are they returning to get more information? Do they ultimately buy?

Where is there the most activity? What are the choke points?

And how do we turn that into actionable insight that Retail Leadership can make decisions and adjustments on?

This is how we marry the art of retail with science. Our ability to enable Retailers to understand factually what’s going on in their environments, allows them to apply their own critical thinking and the art of Retail decision making into action that fits their culture and their bottom line. Whether it is higher sales per hour, increased average ticket, more items per sale or a more consultative environment, or the perfect combination of all, the marriage of facts and leadership intellect create a powerful solution that gives Retail Leadership control of their business.