Toys R Us

Toys R Us, the iconic toy store chain responsible for creating millions of “Toys R Us kids”, was ready to launch a comeback after closing all its stores in 2017. They turned to Experience MINT to help them deliver the technology-driven experience that today’s consumers of all ages expect. The goal was to create an omni-channel, experiential retail environment, that would engage a new generation of children and keep their parents coming back to the store for birthdays, holidays, and more.

Retail Design and Execution

The solution included a retail store design that included an oversized digital video wall in the store’s Event Theater where children could attend special events, play with gaming consoles, watch iconic movies, and more. An interactive event calendar showing upcoming events was positioned at the entrance to the theater and on the TRU website.


Around the perimeter of the store were large experience rooms called “anchor shops” featuring a brand with products presented in a very interactive manner. Experience MINT installed interactive touch screens where parents and kids could shop, create shopping carts for purchases at the store or online later home, share their experience on social media, and more. These touch screens were also placed throughout the retail floor on smaller branded displays to provide a cohesive experience. with touch screens that provided the same experience.

All touch screens and displays were supported by MINT’s content management software (CMS) to allow TRU and their brands to remotely control all content on all displays. Of course, all of this was tied together with a full store retail analytics camera system, complete environmental audio system, in-store network, and supporting network equipment.

The stores, located in the high-profile malls of Garden State Plaza and Houston Galleria, were completed from start to finish in under 45 days, This required our teams to be working around the clock to get the locations prepared, installed, and online before the deadline.


Consumers are flocking to Toys R Us and are raving about the experience. The retail store design includes on-trend merchandising & branding, interactive displays, and technology, plus an amazing and talented staff. All the elements combine to deliver the perfect retail environment!