Nespresso, known for its amazing coffee and innovative machines that create a barista experience at home, needed help designing an immersive retail experience at its boutique retail stores. As a high-end purveyor of coffee and sleek machines, Nespresso turned to Experience MINT to design a retail experience that let customers taste, smell, and experience the coffee and the breadth of products they sell. The design needed to include an in-store barista, sampling kiosk, coffee wall featuring products, and relaxation lobby to further communicate the “coffee house” experience.

Retail Design and Execution

The solution included a retail store design that included an oversized digital video wall in the store’s Event Theater where children could attend special events, play with gaming consoles, watch iconic movies, and more. An interactive event calendar showing upcoming events was positioned at the entrance to the theater and on the TRU website.


Experience MINT handcrafted all the necessary fixtures at its in-house Bucks County, PA facility, to meet the client’s 18-hour shipment and installation window.

Custom-fabricated Barista

The custom-fabricated Barista was designed and constructed with a combination of exotic wood veneers, a custom one-piece solid surface top, and a sleek, curved metal base. In addition, LED lighting created an refined, upscale atmosphere

Freestanding Sampling Kiosk

The freestanding Sampling Kiosk was designed and built by Experience MINT encouraged an intimate, one-to-one customer retail experience.

Coffee Wall and self-serve Pod Display

The Coffee Wall and self-serve Pod Display were designed to put inventory at guests’ fingertips and encourage a conversation about the products.

Relaxation Lobby

The Relaxation Lobby was created with custom leather-trimmed benches, and a dynamic digitally printed wall graphic to immerse customers in the Nespresso experience.


The project met the tight deadlines Nespresso required and the resulting project created an immediate change in the retail experience at the boutique.