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The Back Story

Lovestitch is a Los Angeles, CA-based importer and wholesaler of stylish, contemporary women’s clothing and accessories.

After serving a clientele that ranged from independent apparel outlets to major multi-store chains for nearly a decade, Lovestitch decided it was time to separate themselves from their competition by developing a new location to showcase the beauty of their products in an engaging, trendy environment. After securing a warehouse space in a rapidly developing block of the Fashion District, the search began for a design partner that could bring this vision to life.

After seeing the first few “under construction” photos of the unrenovated space, the designers at Retail Habitats immediately recognized the potential for the environment to compliment the “BoHo Chic” style of Lovestitch’s most popular items and jumped at the chance to partner on the effort. The result is a showroom that’s garnered rave reviews from a rapidly expanding list of buyers and led to a tripling of Lovestitch’s wholesale business.

Interior Concept

From the inception of the project, Retail Habitats’ designers were blessed with a cornucopia of jaw-dropping existing architectural elements. From the vintage brick walls to the exposed wood ceiling beams, it quickly became apparent that enhancing and refurbishing the natural elements of the space would play an important foundational role in the final look and feel of the environment.

From there, industrial chic-inspired display systems and furnishings were either procured from a wealth of specialty vendors in the LA area or custom-fabricated to fit the environment like a well-worn glove. Lounge areas were developed where buyers could enjoy refreshments while learning about that season’s new apparel & accessory options while a striking customer service counter was custom designed to both anchor the overall space and improve operational efficiency.

Finally, various lighting fixtures, from the basket woven chandeliers that anchor the buyer’s lounge to the simple, rustic pendants that highlight the Lovestitch logo behind the cash wrap, provided a crucial element of design consistency and interest to the space. From end to end, the environment truly amplified and enhanced the product mix, making an already fashionable collection of merchandise seem even more hip and “on-trend.”

Fixture Design & Project Management

To ensure that all elements of the space stayed true to the original design vision, Retail Habitats’ project management team worked closely with Lovestitch’s local fabricators to guide the development and installation of of all custom-manufactured displays and furnishings. Though a number of unique challenges inherent to a vintage space popped up throughout the process, the effort remained on time, on budget and resulted in an end-product that retained the integrity of the concept to a “t.”

Lovestitch’s new showroom opened in April of 2017 to the delight of their clientele and the envy of their competition. The space has also lent an all-important degree of credibility to their online presence and a continued trend of increased buyer awareness and improved sales figures has more than justified the investment in creating a brand-enhancing physical space.