Art Studio Créatif Utilizes MINT for Turnkey Retail Services

Créatif is a modern, family-friendly art studio for kids and adults. The growing art studio franchise focuses on creating memorable experiences through art and interactive technology- providing various activities in their stylish, fresh, and contemporary studios.

Créatif, who built their prototype store in 2018, came to MINT looking for a turnkey vendor that provides managed services for retail partners, including retail design, fixture build, technology integration, and professional installation.

This approach would allow the company to evolve and scale with new stores across the country.

To scale their business, develop new locations, and reach new customers in unexplored markets, Créatif needed an experienced, turnkey retail solutions partner they could trust to execute a high-value space at the highest level.


The Challenge of Managing Multiple Partners Before MINT

For Créatif to grow as a franchise, it required a dependable network of systems and operations to ensure the various aspects of the retail installation and execution were managed and carried out correctly.

Before their partnership with MINT, Créatif worked with multiple vendors to execute the design, build-out, and installation of assorted parts of their art studio.

Managing multiple vendors and ensuring all parties were working in concert proved to be a time-consuming and inefficient model.

For Créatif to reach its growth plans, it became apparent that it needed one dependable partner for all its needs so it could focus on expansion. Créatif sought the services of MINT, a retail partner who could streamline and manage the solutions required, all in one place, with one point of contact.

As the designated executor of the project, MINT also supervised other trade partners to ensure complete oversight of the project.

“The MINT team has been instrumental in streamlining our store openings by offering a complete, turn-key solution and managing our projects so they are completed on time and on budget. Working with MINT allows us to focus on the growth and profitability for Créatif and our Franchisees.”
Jaya Aiyar

Founder, Créatif

How Créatif Used MINT’s Turnkey Retail Services

To complement Créatif’s sophisticated retail design and fixture fabrication, Créatif’s modern-based art studios depend on a comprehensive, robust technology platform that delivers a memorable customer experience.

In addition to their technology and applications, each studio’s experience is dependent on a strong and reliable network. MINT’s team of experts was integral in building the network infrastructure for each location.

With its turn-key approach to managed services for retail partners, MINT has become an extension of Créatif’s team by supporting and overseeing the build-out of new locations.

In addition to allowing Créatif’s management team to focus on growing the business, MINT works closely with each new Créatif Franchisee to guide them on the best practices that deliver an “On-time” and “on-budget” solution.

The Results

As a result of their partnership with MINT, Créatif’s latest art studio in Fort Mill, South Carolina, was not only completed on time but within budget. The result was a beautiful, sophisticated studio that functions as well as it looks.

In MINT, Créatif found a partner capable of managing all aspects of building a new store- an indelible trait for a franchise business model partner.

Créatif now has a reliable, turnkey retail solution that can be used perpetually for new locations, providing new franchise owners with reliable, dedicated project management services.

Créatif franchisees now have the assurance that their new investment will be completed with the end customer in mind, providing memorable experiences for art-lovers for years to come.

Could your company use the expertise of a turnkey retail partner like Créatif?

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