b8ta Kiosk

Retail Design | Retail Analytics

The Back Story

B8ta is a disruptor in the retail design space, using their Retail As A Service (RAAS) model to help brands launch new products in experiential retail environments.  B8ta and their brand partners goal is to deliver the best customer experience. Retail analytics measure the effectiveness of this environment for each of b8ta’s brand partners.

B8ta traditionally operated with in-line store environments.  Their design goal was to take their solution & experience to common area retail inside high-end mall properties.  Their challenge was to find a partner who understands the mall arena and have the ability to design an engaging mall environment where customers love to shop. Enabling effective merchandising of the products and embedding the B8ta technology platform is a critical aspect of the design.

Design Concept

The MINT team’s task to design and build a common area environment at Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, AZ a notch above traditional kiosk operators.  The strategy is to make the space feel more like a retail store, where customers can “come in” and experience the environment and products offered.

The design strategy began with two over-sized archways inviting consumers in, double sided merchandise cabinets allowing customers to experience products on the inside, and perimeter of the POD.  Large and illuminated fabric graphics along with blade signs, and two digital monitors brand the environment drawing the attention of mall consumers. The final touch is the integration of a digital screen experience for each product which educates customers while meeting the brand exposure requirement.

To further separate the B8ta POD from other common area retailers, high-end materials such as maple veneers, solid surface tops, powder coated steel, fluted hardwood columns and strategic lighting are used throughout.

Retail Execution

In addition to the design and build components, MINT executes mall approvals, city permitting, shipping, professional installation, technology and utility integration. Retail analytics integrated with the displays enable experience reports for B8ta’s customers.  MINT was able to execute the project flawlessly, on time and on-budget.  Both the client and mall sang praises of the MINT team for a fantastic execution from start to finish. The B8ta POD is heralded as the best-looking common area environment in an upscale shopping center.  As a result, B8ta is witnessing very strong consumer traffic and dwell times!