Macy's B8ta Store

Interior Design | Fixture Design | Experiential | Retail Analytics


Beautiful new store at the famous Macy’s Herald Square location in NYC.

Considered one of the most iconic retail stores in the world, Macy’s Herald Square store delivers first class retailing in New York City.  B8ta turned to MINT to create and build a new design that would shine in this dynamic environment.

Full execution by MINT and Milford on all phases.

The focus of the MINT design was to first attract Macy’s shoppers into the b8ta store and then deliver an experience which would encourage extended shopping behavior.

Design, Build, Retail Analytics,
Technology Integration, Install & more!

Using an upscale look, strong branding and strategic traffic flow, MINT delivered a first class fixture solution that was eye-catching and engaging for b8ta customers.  Backed by a robust retail analytics platform to measure success, this location has proven to be a great success for b8ta and Macy’s.  Sales are robust and consumers love the shopping experience.