About Our Company

    The business of retail is undergoing a profound transformation. From online integration, to omni-channel customers, to smaller and experiential brick & mortar locations, retail is evolving at a rapid pace. The winners are thriving as they adopt new tools and business practices, and businesses that neglect these new realities are paying the price.

    MINT can help you to succeed in this new landscape.

    The MINT team brings thought leadership, best practices and holistic solutions to the evolution of retail. Our deep set of skills and resources will help you tackle the challenges and opportunities of today’s retail transformation. Our belief is that successful retailing is centered around two foundational elements.

    The Physical Retail Environment

    A well-executed retail environment makes a sensory connection to the consumer, and has the ability to visually bring a brand to life . The environment has to be stimulating and engaging for the customer, and at the same time needs to communicate critical information back to the retailer. MINT also knows that investing in a sales force and focusing on a customer-centered retail experience is critical to the success of a progressive physical retail environment. When the two are connected, the magic happens.

    • What does the environment DO for the consumer?
    • When are customers coming in, how long do they stay, where do they dwell?
    • Does the off-line experience work in harmony with the on-line experience?
    • How do you manage a retail sales force that delivers a positive customer experience and ROI?

    Retail as a Service(RAAS)

    Investing in all the right solutions to maximize success is the right decision, but how does that align with budgets? With MINT365, we provide our clients with the ability to pay for their solutions over time. This allows our clients to implement the best solutions available while allowing the profits to cover their investment and witness unprecedented ROI. Furthermore, the MINT Executive team remains engaged with your brand to ensure your continued success.

    These are the elements our clients experience with MINT. The truth is, the marriage of these domains is powerful, but not required. MINT is a “custom shop”, and we understand that our clients do not always need the entire ecosystem that we can provide. It depends on your specific budget, priorities and go-to-market strategy.

    Experience with every element of the ecosystem allows MINT to craft solutions that are the best fit for your business. We can help.