Ever Present Management!

I have been introduced to a new technology platform that will change retail permanently, and feel compelled to share it .  Ever Present Management (EPM) by Retail Vision is a proprietary technology platform that increases retail sales by 20% + and reduces infrastructure costs significantly.  It was developed to be used for a MetroPCS store chain to streamline operations and optimize sales, and the results have been net profits doubling per store since implementation!  The technology platform works for all types of retail where there is a sales assisted environment.

The name Ever Present Management says it all, the technology platform allows you to see employee and customer activity in real time and make immediate adjustments.  Their state of the art command center in St Petersburg FL is amazing to see in action and well worth a visit!

For more information, contact Trevor Ralph, Director of Marketing (trevor.ralph@retaildoneright.com)

November 18, 2018